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January round of small grants

(February 05, 2014)

Our January round of grant applications has come to an end, but our next round of grants are awarded in June 2014. 

We’re very pleased to be supporting over 25 East Brighton community groups in this round of funding.

It’s going to be a busy spring with gardening projects, cookery classes, fun days, photography workshops, crafty gatherings and lunch clubs.  All in great support of those residents-in-need around East Brighton.  The community groups we’re supporting will be helping to enable the vulnerable and elderly, supporting neighbours and tenants, parents and children, as well as our local schools. 

We’re looking forward to seeing our funds put to good use in purchasing much needed equipment and supplies, the hiring of event space and developing playgrounds and communal gardens.

Watch this space, or sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch of the progress.

If you run a community group in East Brighton and would like to apply for a small grant, find out more or get in touch now.




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